Sunday Hikes – Schedule & History

Sunday Wolf Trap Hikes: Walk and Learn

On June 3 at 1 PM, join Jim McGone — Urban Forest Conservationist, Department of Forestry, Virginia — who will lead a First Sunday hike at Wolf Trap. Jim will feature Fire, Floodplains & Forests on this hike.  The hike starts at the Filene Center Main Gate (Box Office), lasting about 1.5 hours and traditionally follows part of the Wolf Trap Trail loop.  Please dress appropriately for a hike and weather & bring drinking water.  More information and maps available at and

Pls register for this no-cost event so we can plan for it.


February 4
On February 4, ten people came out to hear Ken Bigley — Deputy Superintendent, Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts — present a history of Wolf Trap from pre-colonial times to the present with a special emphasis on Catherine Shouse’s role in establishing the site as a venue for the performing arts. This presentation was held in the Admin building conference room as there was a cold, freezing rain at that time. He plans to present an updated version of the talk at the Great Falls Library 9830 Georgetown Pike, Great Falls, VA 22066, United States on 1 March at 7:30 PM.

March 4
Mike Moran: Friends of Wolf Trap
Theme: History of Wolf Trap & trail highlights

April 8 (April 1st is Easter Sunday)
Mike Moran: Friends of Wolf Trap
Theme: Biodiversity: highlight areas at Wolf Trap

May 6
Theresa De Fluri: April/May
WILD FLOWERS (confirmed)
Interpreter and tour guide at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens
Theme: Wild flowers and native plants.

May 13
May Mother’s Day
Jean Tatalias: Audubon Society of Northern Virginia
Theme: Birding: identification and observation

June 3
Jim McGone:
Urban Forest Conservationist, Department of Forestry, Virginia
Theme: Tree identification, ecology and problems

July 1
Pam Smith, Edgar Deskins & Master Gardeners:
Friends of Wolf Trap/Green Spring Gardens
Theme: Woodland Shade Garden, Native Garden, and specialty areas

August 5

Phil Goetkin: Eastern Shore President, Master Gardner Program and visionary of Wolf Trap Theme: Native gardens, meadows and ecology

September 2

William Needham: President of the Washington DC Mycological Association
Theme: Mushrooms and fungi

October 7
Jean Tatalias: Audubon Society of Northern Virginia
Theme: Birding, identification and observation

November 4
Jack Crosby: FOWT
Wolf Trap highlights

December 2
Alan Day: FOWT
Wolf Trap highlights

Duane Irwin, National Park Service: Flexible: History and culture of Wolf Trap (TBD) Ken Bigley is scheduled for February 4

STREAM MONITORING: (TBD Ken Bigley contact)

(TBD): Pam/Green Spring or Meadowlark Garden could help identify a person

New Years Day 2018 hike

Friends of Wolf Trap led 24 people & 2 dogs on the 3rd annual New Years Day hike that started at 1 PM in 21F weather from the Filene Center.  The hike featured the gardens at Wolf Trap, other natural aspects of the Park, as well as some of the history.

December 3, 2017

Thirty people ranging from an infant, small children, up to senior citizens participated in the First Sunday hike at Wolf Trap in beautiful, clear, sunny weather with little or no wind. The participants divided into two groups with one going clockwise & the other counterclockwise. There was a minor detour for this hike as VDOT had closed part of the Wolf Trap Trail because a part of the Dullas sound wall had collapsed & other parts were in danger of collapse.

Seven hikers braved the rain & mist on November 5th to learn about the Wolf Trap gardens and to experience the colorful foliage in the woods surrounding the Filene Center. The hikers learned a little bit about the history & ecology of the park as they walked the highlands, around the Turtle Pond, and over the boardwalk through the wetland. Boy Scout Troop 55 was supporting an Eagle Scout project extending that boardwalk. Friends of Wolf Trap Vice Chair Mike Moran monitored the project progress for the park. The hike was led by Alan Day & Jack Crosby.

eighty people from all age groups participated.  We plan to offer these walks the first Sunday of the month starting at 1 PM except during the hot months of July, August, & September when they will start at 10:00 AM.

The Sunday & special event hikes are meeting a demand as reflected in the number of people participating.  The numbers are:

November 4
23 people (clear, sunny)
October 8
23 people
September 2
34 people
August 5
80 people
July 1
30 people (very hot)
June 3
rained out
May 6
15 people
April 8
4 people (rainy,windy)
March 4 2 people (very cold,windy)
February 4
10 people (cold, freezing rain)
January 1, 2018
24 people, 2 dogs, 21F
December 3, 2017
30 people
November 5 7 people (misty rain)
October 1 45 people
September 3 28 people
August 6 35 people; 3 dogs
July 2 22 people; 2 dogs
June 4 10 people
May 14
50 people (special Mother’s Day bird hike)
May 7 20 people
April 2 20 people
March 5 16 (biodiversity hike; First Sunday hike)
January 1, 2017 80 people